Grapes and men from southern italy

Fattoria Pagano

Fattoria Pagano was born in 2001 from the passion of Antonio Pagano for the world of wine. Antonio Pagano is a chartered accountant, he is a special person, deeply in love with his land. The vineyards are located in Casale di Carinola, on two terraces where you can enjoy an indescribable panorama; from this place you can glimse the isles of Ischia, Procida and the Gulf of Gaeta. Fattoria Pagano has vineyards of Aglianico, Piedirosso and Falanghina which were planted in 2002, 2003 and 2004 near the preexisting old vineyards that product local varieties of white and black grapes for 70 years. The vineyards are located at a height of 270-300 metres above sea level, behind the extinguished volcano of Roccamonfina and 5 kilometres from the sea as the crow flies. The high temperature-range excursion recorded between the day and the night ensures particularly fragrant wines.



T he composition of the soil is mainly vulcanic, in it we can find pozzolanic ash, little lapillus and stones which were amassed on the border of the cultivable fields. Thanks to the vulcanic, tufaceous and calcareoussoilwe have a good potential ageing and a good minerality which can limit the use of sodium bisulfite. Clay can stop water and leave it slowly to the roots, so our vineyards don't need any irrigation system.
The grape growers who want to deal with Falerno have a big responsability towards history; Fattoria Pagano is aware of this one and approaches Falerno in full compliance and deference.We want to work hard and put effort into the production of Falerno. Nowadays , such as 2000 years ago, we want to product an optimum wine, using the same farming methods and the same care of ancient people.